Tips for making and selling jam

Nothing tastes as good as home-made jam. If you get caught by the jam-making bug, you can even sell your products at markets or in local shops.

We are currently in the midst of a British foodie revival. No longer are we the laughing stock world cuisine, Britain is a great place to eat. Whether this is a Michelin-starred restaurant, pop-up street market or traditional butcher or green grocers, there are lots of great options out there for those looking to eat decent food.

It is not just our restaurants that represent our passion for food; the general public is also getting involved. Many of us are specialising in certain foods and giving these away as presents, hosting dinner parties and even selling them.

One key example of this is jam. It’s relatively straightforward to produce, extremely popular and can earn you a decent profit. In this article with offer you some tips and advice for making and selling jam.

Perfect the recipe

Before you can begin selling your jams or hoping that you will receive recognition for them, it is very important that you master the recipe. Your jam must taste as good as possible, so buy the best ingredients available and keep practising until you have found the most delicious jam. Try out different recipes and see what you like best.

Use your imagination

There are many different jams out there on the market. So instead of just producing a standard jam that people can already buy, you should try to think of something that will make you different.

You could try and make jams in different and unusual flavours? People will be much more tempted to try an unusual flavoured jam than one that they can buy from every food shop in the country.

Another option is to use a different type of jar. Instead of filling up regular glass jam jars, how about a unique shape or material to make your jams more modern and be noticeable?

Make your jam jars look good with labels

Making your jams stand out from the crowd is key when trying to attract custom. Consider an innovative label design. Labels are also extremely important so that people know what they are buying.

Remember that you should list all the ingredients you have used so that people can identify whether or not will meet their dietary requirements.

Label specialists, such as South East Labels, offer hot foil labels, which are ideal for attaching to jam jars.

You can also find an array of different printed labels at South East Labels, which might take your fancy.

Sales techniques

Once you are ready to get started in the jam-making world, you will need people to notice your jams. Think of what makes your product different and advertise this. Whether it’s a local product, something that many people find very important, or an unusual flavour or ingredient; use this USP to your advantage.

Consider where you are going to sell your jams. Perhaps the best place would be a local market stall? Or even online? Whatever you choose, it is important that as many people as possible experience your jam, so give out lots of free samples and get the word around.

Another route you could go down is to get a celebrity endorsement from a famous food critic or chef, which would be priceless publicity.

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