Five of the best places to hold your business conference


This article lists a handful of options for UK locations available to choose for your business conference, considering factors including transport links, entertainment options and appropriate venues.

There are a lot of factors to consider when organising a conference. Ease of access and transport links for your guests, local facilities and amenities, the quality of restaurants and bars available, local entertainment if you are planning on extra-curricular activities, and perhaps most important of all – suitable conference venues to host the event.

Here are some suggestions for locations for hosting a UK conference.

Five of the best places to hold your business conference


Rivalling Birmingham for the UK’s unofficial ‘second city’ title, Manchester has come a long way from its industrial past, and today is a vibrant modern hub of media, entertainment, nightlife, sport, and business.

Regeneration projects in the last 20 years have transformed the city into an ideal choice for conference hosts, with its renowned cultural calendar, first-class transport links, and acclaimed venues.

Luther King House, for example, offers everything from B&B to conferences and functions in the heart of the city: visit Luther King House website for details of the facilities that they have available.

You can also find out information about how to hire a conference space or meeting room in Manchester via this website.

Five of the best places to hold your business conference


The UK capital is an obvious choice for many conferences, and has a wide range of suitable conferencing venues for any size. As well as being served by five airports and extensive rail links, the high-speed rail link to Paris allows for fast and straightforward day trips to Europe, meaning continental clients can speedily attend your event without fuss.

If you plan on entertaining your guests, you have everything from West End theatre to the ice-cool bars of Soho and East London to take your pick.

Five of the best places to hold your business conference


Scotland’s capital boasts an unbeatable reputation for history and culture, and this has attracted a high level of business visitors in recent years. Comparatively smaller than other well-known cities, this means all its major landmarks can be found within a short distance of each other.

If you can handle the crowds, consider timing your event with the many festivals that flood the city in the summer months, the biggest and most famous of which is the Edinburgh Fringe. Book early for this, however, as the city gets very busy with the cream of performers and visitors.


Billions of pounds of investment into Belfast has seen the city cemented as an international conference location, with dozens of recently-opened built-for-purpose venues available throughout the city.

The city’s cultural capital is on the rise, too, with recent openings of the Metropolitan Arts Centre and the multi-million pound Titanic Belfast museum, commemorating the famous ship in the last place it docked – superb attractions for you and your guests.


Manchester’s northern rival tussles for the unofficial position as ‘capital of the north’, but both have much to offer.

Since winning the crown of European Capital of Culture in 2008 the Merseyside city has won international praise for its consistently strong arts and heritage programming, which has seen it attract record numbers of tourists and businesses to the area.


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