Top 10 Online Selling Products in Australia

Online shopping has become a rage in the past few years. The habit of people going to markets has almost ceased to exist when they are given the facility of getting their desired products delivered at the doorsteps. The fact that globalization has brought the world so much closer, has also increased the sale of products at a rapid rate.

Australia is one of the leading countries whose population indulge in shopping online. Every year, this country remains one of the top revenue earning countries in the world through online shopping. Following are the top 10 online selling products in Australia:


Online clothes are available for both sexes. The buyer gets to choose from a huge range of clothes available in these shopping sites. There are seasonal wear, casual and formal wear, sportswear, jeans and trousers, blazers and cargos, night wear and inner wear, and various clothing accessories.


Online footwear is also available for both sexes. The fascination of Australians with footwear is eye-grabbing. There are options like laced boots, high heels, sneakers, canvases, flip-flops and floaters, from world famous brands like Nike, Reebok, Guess, Woodland and Converse.


Tourist taking pictures

The need to immortalize the breathtaking beauty of Australian landscapes automatically increases camera sales. Cameras of eminent brands like Nikon, Canon, Samsung and Sony. The sale of camera accessories like lenses, tripods and gears is also high.

Computers & Laptops

The online sale of computers and laptops over the past couple of years has been very high. Related components like RAM card, external hard drives, motherboard and processors, and accessories like laptop bags, headphones and pen drives also have a huge market.


sets of books

Sale of books have always been great ever since online shopping facility was first launched in Australia. From children’s story books and autobiographies to graphic novels and classic literature – you can find all the new releases as well as timeless bestsellers. It is a paradise for any book lover.

Home & Kitchen Appliances

These are the items we regularly need in our lives. Items like air conditioners, washing machines, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, electric kettles, hand blenders and sandwich makers by reliable and reputed manufacturers have a steady base of customers in Australia.

Beauty & Personal Care Products

Sales of health and beauty related products have always been on a high. Things like hair dryers, electric razors, perfumes and deodorants, makeup items, hair and skin care products, BP monitors and body-fat analyzers have always been craved for.

Home Décor

The items that help to decorate houses also receive special attention. Things like wall clocks, flower vases, scented candle holders, lantern sets, mirrors, showpieces and doormats are some popular picks. People also get to buy canvas prints online – which showcases the picturesque beauty of the country on canvases.

Computer Games

guinea pig xbox

People of all ages are fans of computer games. Latest computer games like Max Payne 3, Hitman 5, and Assassin’s Creed 3 are available in these online shopping sites. Moreover, various gaming consoles can also be bought from the sites.


Toys are for all seasons. They make wonderful birthday gifts for kids. There is a wide array of latest toys you will get to choose from these online shopping sites. Soft toys like kangaroo and koala – the most popular animals in Australia – have a steady demand.

Author’s Bio: Rickey is a famous author. He is also an avid blogger. He is a resident of Australia and takes a keen interest in online shopping sites. In this article, he talks about the top 10 online selling products in Australia, with special reference to buying canvas prints online.

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