Top 10 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Most Important…

You have known the importance of breakfast since it was drummed into you at school, so whatever you do, no matter how long you have overslept or how late you are for work, ensure that you have breakfast, no matter how small.

We looked at ten of the best breakfast staples that are quick and easy.

1. Toast

If you are about to rush out of the door then making a slice of toast can be quick and simple, and can be taken with you and eaten easily on the move.

2. Cereal Bars

Keep a cereal bar in your bag or work jacket at all times, or put one in there the night before if you are a regular over-sleeper. At least you will have had something.

3. Breakfast Biscuits

Whether you go for something labelled specifically as a breakfast biscuit, or prefer something such as oatcakes, these are light, simple, and will keep you ticking over until you are back on schedule.

4. Last Night’s Pizza

We’ve all done it, so don’t pretend you are horrified. Picking up last night’s leftovers can be a great timesaver, just make sure you have a drink and some gum before hitting the office!

5. Fruit

If you are a big fruit fan then you will always have an apple or banana on hand – again an easy option for eating on the way into work.

6. Energy Drink

This is not for everyone and is definitely a no-no if you are health conscious, but a Relentless or a Monster can be a great early doors pick me up.

7. Chocolate Bar

Again an acquired taste and not necessarily the healthiest option, but ideal if you just need a sugar fix until the morning doughnuts come around the office.

There are options, too, for if you make up time during your journey and are able to stop and pick something up.

8. Muffins

If you have the time to head into Costa Coffee, for example, then picking up a Blueberry muffin or a slice of cake to accompany your coffee can be a great morning motivator.

9. Croissants

Although you may have these in your cupboard at home, there is often nothing better than picking up a warm one, perhaps of the almond or chocolate variety, on your way to the office.

10. Something Bigger

If you have a lot of time to spare and want something more substantial, head to a fast food outlet or the local café for the very best of hunger busting breakfasts!

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