Rainy Days with the Kids

Seeing as the weather has taken a turn for the worst I have been kept incredibly busy by Freddy and Bridget. Entertaining young children on a rainy day is a tedious task, especially if you are reluctant to sit them down in front of a television screen for hours on end.

Therefore I thought I would share with you the few little things that have put smiles on my little munchkin’s faces.

  1. Build a den: this was easier than I remembered. We put some dining room chairs together and draped a pair of sheets from my double bed over them. A few flashlights, books and yummy homemade sweet popcorn balls  the children entertained for a good couple of hours. The liked getting their hands dirty when making the popcorn balls too- mum’s little kitchen elves as I like to call them!
  2. Homemade pizzas: be careful this could get messy! If you really want to push your culinary boundaries you can make the pizza dough yourself however since I can’t get that Italian spin technique right I usually buy readymade bases. Lay out all the toppings in separate bowls and let the little ones decorate as they please, Freddy created a slightly Dali-esque clock. I promise this one is fun for every family member!
  3. Face painting: I have used this book every time. Bridget loves flicking through this book and explaining why she wants to be a Tiger for example. The kids’ role play their characters and their wild imaginations take over, it truly is a fun activity.

Good luck with your indoor activities- feel free to leave me a comment, I would love to hear what you and your children get up to on a rainy day!

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