The end of the Olympics doesn’t mean the end of summer events

What to do when London quiets down again after the fabulous summer of 2012.

As London’s busiest summer comes to an end, many of us are wondering what’s next.  Luckily there are more than enough activities and events to look forward to after the Paralympics have finished.

26th and the 27th of August: Notting Hill Carnival

A busy weekend filled with music, a colourful parade and scrumptious Caribbean food.

8th and the 9th of September: The Thames Festival

This annual festival has been a local favourite for many years. Festivities include a grand parade, live music, street theatre and fireworks.

22nd of September:  The Great Gorilla Run

Have you always wanted to run a marathon, than now’s your chance. The great gorilla is a marathon organised to attract attention to the extinction of the mountain gorilla. Runners and enthusiast will be roaming the streets of London, in between Southbank and Tower Bridge, dressed in hairy gorilla suits to address the issue.

28th of September: More London Free Festival

This is a great festival to explore with your children.  The festival combines music, theatre and film on the Riverbank of the Thames and is completely free of charge.


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