Where to stay in London

There is so much to see and do in London that it can be hard to know where to stay while you are here. This guide lets you know what to expect in some of the main areas of London and which places to look for if you are on a tight budget.

Stay close to some main attractions in Westminster

Westminster is home to many of London’s most iconic attractions, such as the National Portrait Gallery, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. During the day stroll down Oxford Street for fantastic shopping.

At night head to the glamorous lights of London’s West End where you can buy tickets to world famous shows. Although this area is not the cheapest of places to stay, a local Travelodge offers basic, affordable rooms.


Experience the vitality of central London in Soho

Accommodation in Soho ranges from swanky hotels to more affordable options such as the Oxford Street YHA.

The area contains a diverse mix of people, vibrant nightlife and great food. Not only is it home to Chinatown, it also has an assortment of restaurants in every price bracket. The best are the many ethnic eateries, ranging from Italian to Korean, Thai to Caribbean.

If the exotic food and multicultural atmosphere inspires you, then take up an Italian, Chinese, Thai or Japanese language course to help you explore new cultures.


Take in the alternative scene in East London

East London is not only the location of the 2012 Summer Olympics; it also contains Old Spitalfields Market and the infamous Brick Lane, London’s curry capital. The area is very fashionable with a busy nightlife. The Hoxton Square neighbourhood has become a centre for modern art, hosting the newly expanded Whitechapel Gallery, with many up and coming artists working in the area.

Save money in West London

If you are happy to stay in an area removed from London’s attractions, West London is a good budget option. There are still great transport links between Paddington and central London, so you will have good access to the main tourist areas. West London also borders the tranquil site of Regent’s Park, a great place to spend a relaxed afternoon if the weather is fine.

Escape the crowds in South London

If you fancy a break from the crowds, head to South London. Wimbledon is great place to stay if you are visiting in time for the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis championships. Alternatively stay in Kingston- Upon-Thames for a chance to visit the beautiful Richmond Park. Kingston also offers easy access to Hampton Court, the splendid palace of Henry VIII.


Whether you are looking to explore tourist attractions, enjoy sporting events, or eat out on a budget, London has something for everyone.

If you want to improve your English language skills while you are visiting, UIC London offers a mature, international learning environment, situated in the heart of London, which will help you to make the most of your visit.

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