Do sport

Exercise should not have to be an option; it must be an obligation in your daily life. Find time to practice it because it will benefit you considerably.

Don’t make excuses trying to convince yourself saying that gyms are very expensive or the weather is a drawback because it will be the first step to feel good about yourself- the optimism will flood your life.

There is a variety of ways to do sport, from running at the park to doing some extreme sports. If you’re currently living in the UK you’re very lucky because there are many places to experience these sports.

There are many pros to practicing sports:

–  If you join a team you will develop and improve the ability to socialize, becoming a more tolerant person who’s able to accept each important situation you face in your life.

–  Your mood will improve positively and you will reach an optimism which will produce a reaction in your body triggering the release of stress.

–  Improve your personal image.

–  It is related to life expectancy. People who practise exercise tend to live more than people who don’t.

–  Prevents diseases reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes or heart diseases.

So now you know what to do, buy a pair of trainers and do sport!!


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