Single parent dating advice

This article is about dating for single parents. If you are a single parent eager to get back in the dating game, but don’t know where to start, this is the article for you.

Being a single parent can be highly rewarding, but it can also be challenging. One of those challenges is getting out on the dating scene. It can be hard to meet someone new as a single parent, but it is far from impossible. Read on for tips on how to do it.

Getting ready to date

When you have been out of the game for a while, the prospect of getting back into dating can be pretty daunting. Remember that it does not have to be scary: it is all about confidence. So, you are older now, and you may not be as happy with your body as you once were. The people you are dating are likely to feel the same about themselves.

You may not be 21 anymore, but that is not a bad thing. Life, past relationships and children teach us invaluable lessons that we can use to help us choose a new partner.


One of the major worries facing single parents when they look to start dating is practicalities. Finances are often tight, and babysitters in short supply. Look for creative ways around these problems. Can you do a babysitting swap with a single parent friend so you can both date? Go for cheap daytime coffee dates when the kids are at school or nursery?

Dates do not have to be all-nighters in expensive bars – go for simple, short and cheap.Do not sign up for expensive dating services straight away– check out eHarmony dating websites free and see what kind of thing is on offer.

Finding someone new

Finding someone new can be difficult when you are busy with running a home, taking care of a family and a career. Single parents are busy people, and often find it hard to arrange impromptu social events. Internet dating sites including are a great place for single parents to find dates.

Take any opportunity you can to socialise – join clubs, chat to other parents at the school gate, and accept every social invitation you can. The wider your circle, the more chance you have of meeting that special someone.

First date tips

First dates are nerve-wracking – but do not let the nerves put you off. Chances are, your date will be just as nervous as you, so take a deep breath and go for it. Wear clothes that make you feel attractive but comfortable, meet in a public place to begin with, and remember you are free to cut the date short if it is not working out.

To calm the pre-date nerves, look out for more tips online, such as on the eHarmony UK Twitter profile.


Telling the kids

When you find someone new, telling the kids can be difficult. Remember that most children are highly adaptable, and will probably love having another adult around the place. Introduce your new man or woman slowly, and reassure both your children and your ex-partner that they are not there to replace mum or dad.

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2 thoughts on “Single parent dating advice

  1. I think swapping nights out with another single parent or going on daytime dates while the kids are in school are great ideas. It’s hard out there and scary but you have to jump back in.

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