Top Cake Recipes with Chocolate

So you may have spotted 2 of your favourite words, cake and chocolate, already but please try to contain your excitement! It’s no surprise why we love either cake or chocolate so much – because it tastes wonderful and makes us happy. Although there may be a lack of scientific evidence to this, I couldn’t deny that some of my finest moments have been spent with a bit of chocolate snuggled in front of the TV.

I thought I’d put my chocolate fanatics to the test, along with my mediocre baking skills; as it turns out I’m not too bad of a baker! Although I doubt the professionals get chocolate up the walls all the time. Nonetheless, I managed to pick out my favourite cake recipes with chocolate:

Black Forest gâteau

This cake originates from Germany, originally named ‘Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte’ and literally means ‘Black Forest cherry torte’.

Black Forest gâteau typically consists of several layers of chocolate cake, light whipped cream & sour cherries between each layer. Then the cake is decorated with a little more whipped cream, more cherries, and sprinkles of chocolate. The liquor ‘Kirschwasser’ is traditionally added, but I experimented (with this simple recipe by Antony Worrall Thompson) and personally think that some dark rum is perfect! Although alcohol isn’t essential, it can help give it that extra kick. Another element to play with would be the toppings; I found that strawberries and chocolate truffles were also a delicious option.

Arretje’s cake

I came across this cake when I visited Holland and it’s most definitely one of my favourites! If you enjoy ‘Rocky Road’- a crispy-yet-chewy, mouth-watering textual perfection – then you’ll love some Arretje’s cake.

350g butter
400g sugar
4 eggs
400g biscuits
10 tablespoons cocoa

Melt the butter.
Mix eggs with the sugar and then mix the cocoa little at a time.
Finely crumble biscuits.
Stir the melted butter into the egg mix and then the crumbled biscuits.
Line a cake tin with foil.
Put the mixture into the tin and leave it for a day in the fridge.

The cake was originally created in a promotional booklet, where ‘Arretje’ was a funny character. This was recipe #100 in the booklet, but is now regarded as the #1 cake by a vast majority of the Dutch. (And me!)

Chocolate Mud Cake

Also known as ‘Kladdkaka’, this beauty originated in Sweden and quickly spread into the hearts of bakers across the Europe. The total time can be as quick as 35 minutes (depending on simplicity) and is one of the simplest chocolate cakes you could make. I found that Johanna Kindvall’s sticky chocolate cake recipe is wonderfully easy to follow with nice images. Despite the name sounding slightly off-putting, this is an absolutely delicious dessert..

I’ve baked this many times and have found that Bailey’s is a fantastic ingredient, as the creamy taste is subtle and helps it have that little bit extra. I’ve also baked mud cakes without alcohol and the kids have absolutely loved them!

These are by far the top 3 chocolate cake recipes I enjoy the most in terms of the recipe and the outcome. I believe that experimentation is the key, as the limits to your baking are then endless! I found lots of quirky ideas on the Chocsense blog who are always ready to inspire us chocolate fanatics!

What do you think of my choices? Have you tried to bake any of these? Let me know! I’d love you to get in touch.

8 thoughts on “Top Cake Recipes with Chocolate

    • So it looks like Arretje’s cake is one of the favourites! Thanks for the tip vonnieejvonvon, I’ll remember to use bastogne biscuits next time 😉 And thanks Sarah, I think I’ve seen a few different names for this style of cake – chocolate salami is a good one

  1. aah dutch arretje’s cake is the best! However you don’t just use any biscuits. You use bastogne biscuits for the best results.

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