Hit the nail on the head; choose a handywoman instead of a handyman

Being practical around the house has become increasingly important to most women these days. In the past, tasks such as installing a wardrobe or changing a fitting were seen as a man’s job. But with the current surge of DIY and an increase of single households the barrier has shifted. Women like to be independent and equal to men in every area.

Where does this statement come from?

Research conducted by a leading women’s magazine showed results of this surge for independence and equality. Three out of four women consider themselves excellent handymen.  One third of women even claims to be better than men at doing the small jobs around the house. This is due to the fact that women are more precise and take more time to execute these jobs.

The survey also found that one out of three women in relationships take on more jobs around the house than men. According to the respondents women will get on top of the situation straight away when something in the house is malfunctioning. They don’t need anyone to nag them until they sort the issue out.

Women spend an average of five hours doing jobs around the house. These include cleaning, fixing and building. Because of the Internet and the availability of handy online instruction manuals women don’t need a man around the house anymore. They can easily do it themselves.

This comes in handy when asking for help isn’t your strong suit. Two out of three women only ask for help when they have failed at the task at least three times. They don’t want to come across as clumsy or dumb so they will only ask when absolutely necessary, whether it comes to dangerous jobs or handling unfamiliar tools such as a Pin Nailer and Pneumatic Nail Guns.

Why choose a handy woman over a handy man?

Women are better in pointing out what they are good at and where they lack skills. Where men try to do everything women will avoid doing jobs they are bad at and will ask for someone more experienced to execute the job. In general women are good at jobs that need precision and care. Painting, replacing a light bulb or scraping off wallpaper is what women do better than men. Because women work with more patience you won’t find spatters of paint everywhere or a damaged wall after scraping it clean. However jobs that include working with electricity and heavy tools are better left to men. The majority of women agree to be more hesitant to execute jobs like replacing an electric plug or working with a chainsaw.

The Internet and the surge in DIY are not the only reasons behind the increasing amount of handywomen. Nowadays tools have become more accessible as well. You can buy any type of tool online including an elaborate description. It is also easier to determine whether you need a Makita AF201Z Pin Nailer or a Hitachi Coil Nailer for your job because of comparison websites.

So maybe get your female neighbour to help you with your odd jobs around the house and ask yours sister whether she would like a Makita toolbox for her birthday next year!

9 thoughts on “Hit the nail on the head; choose a handywoman instead of a handyman

  1. My wife has started becoming very creative & keen to fix up lots of small things around the house. She’s even started using my power tools!

  2. I think that women shouldn’t be underestimated. We are creative and, most importantly, we have so much more patience! I love the topic of this article 🙂

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