Top 4 DIY mistakes

Do you feel inspired this month to create your own wardrobe, cupboard or head board? Do you think of doing it yourself but you are not quite sure where to start? DIY is quite simple when it comes down to it. The attention should be in the detail, the right tools and making sure you do not make the 4 most common DIY mistakes.

1)      Not taking your time

DIY might save you a lot of money but it is not a time saver. Keep in mind that you are not a professional and you need time to read, measure and build. Approach the project like a professional and aim for a professional outcome but do not rush yourself. Write down clearly what you want to achieve and visit your nearest utility shop for guidance and advice. Write down which tools you need, the desired material you need and the right quantities of both. Then find yourself the best building plan available and start your project with a clear head. Make sure you have nothing else planned that day so you can take your time.

2)      Forgetting about the usability

Keep in mind that the DIY creation should be useful. If for instance, you are thinking of creating a set of garden chairs, keep in mind that they need to be comfortable and rust free. If you are thinking of creating a chest of drawers, make sure the drawers slide easily and fit well. There is nothing worse than having a cupboard that doesn’t suit its purpose.

3)      Cheap tools

You might think that it doesn’t matter what type of tools you work with, but it actually does. Low-cost tools are usually cheaper because they have a shorter life span. Invest in the right tools and you will use of them for years to come. Have a look online for price comparison sites and price discount offers. There are plenty of websites where you can buy tools online that will suit the purpose of your project but won’t break the bank.

4)      Forgetting about comfort

Unless you’re creating something that doesn’t need to be used, keep comfort in mind. If you’re, for instance, creating a bench for the garden, don’t spend money on wood that is hard to work with. Spend a little more money on wood that is soft and light. This will help the process as well as the usability of the end product. No one wants to sit uncomfortably in the garden, not even is its sunny and 28 degrees outside. Think outside the box if you can’t afford the expensive wood and induce sitting comfort by adding hooks to secure pillows with. This is an inexpensive method that induces comfort whilst increasing the versatility of the object at the same time.

To cut a long story short, make sure your project results in a product that can be used. Whatever you’re creating ensure yourself from an object that will be loved for years to come.


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