A Day in the Life of an Estate Agent

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Estate Agent? There are a lot of popular property television programmes that make the job look glamorous and exciting. Programmes like “A Place in the Sun” and “Location, Location, Location” and “Homes Under the Hammer” show well dressed, well groomed estate agents showing couples around often large and luxurious properties, and the agents often seem very cool, calm and collected. But of course this isn’t real life, it’s TV!

Nearly all professional estate agents have sales targets to meet, and often their day will start off by calling their list of potential buyers about any new properties that have been put on the market trying to get viewers through the door.

Throughout the day, it’s likely that the agent will have a lot of telephone calls and queries from people walking in off the street, looking for their perfect properties. With nearly all estate agents online these days too, there will also be a lot of email enquiries to answer.

After dealing with customers’ queries, booking viewings, negotiating offers and answer phone calls and emails, the typical estate agent also has a more exciting side of their job that involves visiting properties.  When helping people with private house sales, the agents usually visit the seller’s property to go and measure up and take pictures. A lot of agents enjoy this part of the job as it allows them to be creative, and sometimes to sell a certain type of property the sales details and descriptions do need to be rather poetic!

Going to and from properties can take up a lot of an agent’s time. Usually there is a shared car that the agent can use, or sometimes they have their own company car. If houses are near to the office, an agent will be expected to walk. However some eco-friendly estate agents companies ask their agents to travel to appointments on a push bike!

Being smartly dressed is important in any customer facing sales role, and this is the same for Estate Agents. As most agents also carry out property viewing in which they try to sell a home to potential buyers, it is important that the buyers feel comfortable with the agent and that the agent is trustworthy, dependable and well organised. This smart appearance carries on to the cars used too – it’s not unknown for estate agents to be asked to take their shared or company car to the garage during working hours and give it a wash!

Based on a typical day, it seems that estate agents do have some glamour and excitement in their role, but like any other job, there are some less desirable tasks to carry out too.


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