Spanish recipes

Currently, most people doesn’t have time to cook a lot, due to working long hours or busy lives that mean they come home late.
This is not a reason to not eat healthily or take care of your body. Eating healthily by itself is not enough, but you can combine it with some easy sports like running for 15 minutes every day or instead of taking the lift… walk upstairs!!!
If you want an easy but healthy meal. Because you are feeling very lazy, you can find some Spanish-style starters and recipes, see below:

  • Toast with ham: You just need to toast a couple of slices of bread, scrape a clove of garlic onto it, spraying the bread with a little bit of olive oil. Finally, add slices of lean ham. Highly recommended for people with cardiac problems.
  • Mixed salad: Combine the typical ingredients in a salad, like lettuce and tomatoes with tuna, corn, asparagus, boiled egg and the final magic touches, salt, vinegar and olive oil.

Image source

  • Courgettes cream: Put into a saucepan a little bit of olive oil and add two diced courgettes, a potato and onion. Once you have browned all the ingredients, add to the saucepan enough water to cover all the ingredients. Gently boil for 30-45 min and blend all the ingredients with a little bit of cheese to have a touch of good taste. This recipe is not really fast you can cook it while you relax in front of the TV and it will be ready for lunch next day.
  •  Grilled breasts of chicken: Arriving home really late at night? The solution is to fry a breast of chicken with a little bit of olive oil and to have the perfect taste, crush garlic with parsley and vinegar, spread it into the chicken, and… your dinner is ready. Remember to have always olive oil at your larder! This is the secret.

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