Oasis band. A bit of history

United Kingdom is known for a lot of things, between some of them we can find the music.

Some really well/known bands are The Beatles, Sex Pistols, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Oasis and much more…

The last one was formed by 4 members in Manchester, 4 great and fantastic members. The two most important, who used to head the band were Noel and Liam Gallagher, Noel was the main composer of the band songs and Liam was the singer, an amazing voice and amazing lyrics from both brothers.

They surprised in every concert with the production of their music. They had great and fantastic success, selling lots of records and getting into the World Guinness Records book with some of their productions. Who doesn’t know the song Wonderwall, Lyla or Supersonic? All of them included in The Top 10 of Oasis songs.

The group had really good songs, productions but not all of the things in the life of the band were amazing. The problems and arguments between the brothers became more regular. They had fights between them too and this was so sad, not just for the fans and for the band, but because they are brothers.

Currently they both have their own careers, with great success and delighting their fans.

Thanks for all of these years of music guys.



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